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6.Unheard Of by NatSilva 6.Unheard Of by NatSilva
Giant AC is giant O_o;

I have been editing a few things around my gallery, dunno if its noticeable but w/e..


This is a very very very old pic.. from way before Super Mario Galaxy was even available, so yea..another thing ive noticed that people dont really read AC's :/ kinda ticks me off cause i say things of how the pic is done, and whats in it and so forth.. and then i get asked a bunch of things that i have already stated in the artist comment :v So i have decided to turn comments off for this, and a few others of my stuff :1

fun fact: Rosetta was given that name in some countries, only in a few was her given name "Rosalina" was more westernised.

- that is a PARASOL Peach is bashing Mario with, not a cane :m >_>;

- 100 pic challange was left and abandoned after a few pics, i just cant do em <3 not like i used to anyways..

- Mario is such a casanaova.. lol, if i recall it right.. it all started with Pauline.. and then he has been through a few girls, >:] Mario, you sly dog you.. :lol:

:pencil: Drawn and coloured by hand, using crayola pencils.

Heh, anyways... enjoy.

Characters (c) Nintendo.
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August 7, 2007
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