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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Adelaide, South Australia.

:bulletpink: I started drawing since I was about 2 years old and I am self taught. My love for Nintendo, Anime and Cartoons made me create the style I have now but I also love trying new things to better my own skills with new styles and just having fun. :)

:bulletpink: I am Hispanic. Born in Santiago, Chile- South America! I speak fluent Spanish and can read and write it well enough to have a good conversation. :la:

:bulletpink: One of my many dream in the future is to be able to produce my art work on t-shirts and other items and hopefully run my own business.

:heart: I LOVE anything cat related.
:heart: I LOVE my Boyfriend, he is an amazing person and I am so lucky to have met him.
:heart: I LOVE life, love and being free.
:heart: I LOVE retro 80's clothes and styles.
:heart: I LOVE dancing and singing, even if I may not be good at it. lol.
:heart: I LOVE scary, thriller movies and going to haunted places just for fun.
:heart: I LOVE being outdoors and going to new places (and getting lost) it's half the fun!
:heart: I LOVE adventure and being very independent.
:heart: I LOVE California, I don't know why (never been there). But would love to one day.

You can find me online at these places:

:bulletred: Youtube:
:bulletblue: Nintendo Network ID: NatSilva & my Boyfriend (Didz) is: Badooleoo
:bulletpurple: Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 4639-9671-5805
:bulletblue: Tumblr:

:star: Commissions are open! You can read my Commissions journal: CommissionsI have started commissions. My goal is to have enough $$$ to be able to buy some more Copic Markers. I can then sell my art work on a larger scale at our local Avcon (Anime Video Game Convention) which I am hoping to have a table next year with my art work. So unfortunately I do not accept points for commissions as I cannot buy my Copic Markers or anything else with them.
Please read the following- if you want a commission....
*EDIT:  some of you have asked a few questions about extra characters and points for commissions, to make it all clear and so I don't have to repeat myself and waste both our times here are the FAQ's:
 I only accept  PayPal, Money Orders, Bank Transfers (if in Australia I can also do Cash and local drop off pick up)- NO POINTS COMMISSIONS.
I charge for the whole image not per character. If you note me with your description I can then quote you on how much your commission will be. Obviously the more there is on the
for more info or send me a note.

:bulletgreen: I take a while to do things now more than ever because I have become slightly more detailed and fussy with how I like to present my works. So please, be patient.

:bulletgreen: I really like Cosplaying, dressing up and makeup! I am a er, girly tomboy? Which is totally awesome cause I can dress up but can also kick off them high heels and don't mind getting dirty and having some outdoor fun!

:bulletgreen: I have a very random personality, I say the most weirdest and strangest things which some times can and are side splitting and make no sense! So it's always fun to record them so we can have some laughs.

:bulletgreen: Like most girls I think a fair bit of how others see me and/or think of me. Some times I try and think positive and not let sarcasm or the odd put down get me down. So I can be a bit wary of what people say and being online it's harder to really read people's body language some times.

:bulletgreen: I have an obsession with pink and sparkly anything! *u*

:bulletred: I don't like rude and stupid people, Those who stare at their phones all through a dinner or some thing instead of having fun bore me to tears!

:bulletred: I don't tolerate violence, foul manner and mean people.

:bulletred: I don't like art thieves! Omg, go get your own skills and stop pretending the works yours! These people need to get some common sense and stop stealing!

:bulletred: I despise animal cruelty. Sure we need them for food and other things but being violent and hurting an animal just to make money out of them or any other reasons like that make me sick.

:bulletred: I don't have facebook, I like my privacy.
:bulletred: I don't like spiders, moths, bugs/creepy crawly things.. yuck..
:bulletred: I can't stand clowns lol.

WOW! That is a lot of I don't likes... :XD: HERE have a few more...

MLP (betch please I grew up with the classic, what is this flash thing and why...)
Fads, (hipsters)'s been done. Why copy some one else's fad? How about create your own and be yourself? Fake people (two faced), Screaming brats (spoiled by their sheeple helicopter parents), Bag pipes (just no! *runs away*),People who think it's normal to have the hots for animals...(furries included), Religion and Politics. Because I believe in Fairies and Scientific facts aswell as the supernatural- deal with it. :)

Thank you! Come again! :iconohjoyplz:


Yellow-choc-heart-berry-tart-2 by NatSilva
Burger-bun-2 by NatSilva
Choc-cream-3-layer-heart-cherry-cake by NatSilva
Chocolate-cream-frosting-strawberry-cake-top by NatSilva
Choc-Strawberry-Cream-tart by NatSilva
:heart: Cute hand made cakes and tarts for phone or key chains for sale! From just $8.00 AUD each. Note me if you are interested. I have more at:…

Happy New Years and Updates!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 15, 2015, 2:15 AM
  • Mood: Eager
Better late than never I guess! :lol: I hope you all had a terrific start to 2015. I haven't been online much, Christmas was pretty laid back and same with my Birthday, speaking of which...I'd like to thank everyone for the Bday wishes too! :aww:

This year I have made a lot of changes when it comes to my future with art and actually committing to it too. In every artists life there are ups and downs but that doesn't mean I haven't stopped or will ever stop drawing.

For starts, Commissions that are still to be posted will be done. I haven't forgotten. Other commissions will be done after I get the ones from last year done. You can still place a spot for a commission but give me time to deal with the first ones I have and then I will make a special post for when I am taking more.

:star: I have decided to expand my audience so I have made a tumblr account which you can find here: NatSilva's Official Tumblr

I am NOT moving from dA but I would like more commissions so I am expanding.

You can also find me on NatSilva's Twitter

I have plans of opening up a facebook account later on, we'll see how that goes. You are welcome to follow me and my art work on any social media thingy... ;P

Over The Top by BadooleooIs back at WOW FM! You can listen to Over The Top online there. I have to stop being lazy and update my Over The Top journal with all the past shows we have done O_O

:star: Project Mecha, WIGU and more UDMC for 2015!

:star: Some old art dumps here and there to fill in the gaps.

:star: I need to also do a Yearly Art Feature with all of the amazing work I have seen from artists in 2014.

Can't wait to be able to play Captain Toad, Spaltoon and a few other games too! At the moment I am slowly progressing through my Mario Kart 8 file. I got a Yoshi amiibo from my boyfriend :love: we both gave each other Nintendo for Christmas, lol.I got spoiled much :eyes:

Didz got a New Nintendo 3DS XL! *u* The screen is sooo pweddy! I would have gotten myself one too but they don't come in pink.....yet... :b

That's about all~

Happy belated New Years everyone, hope all your dreams come true! :D




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RUinc Featured By Owner 5 days ago
good to see you're still chomping at the bit.  you always did have colourful stuff
NatSilva Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha what an interesting way of explaining it :XD:
Thanks! I will have more stuff soon :)
NatSilva Featured By Owner Edited Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh!! What a great idea, I have never drawn Samus before... it'd be really interesting what I can come up with seeing as her suit is amazing and full of details! :excited: I will see what i can do, thanks for the suggestion! :)
Deviator101 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015
You quit welcome milady.
L-A-G-O-L Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hope things are going great for you. ^^ Just wish to drop by and say hi and stuff. c:
KissSh0t Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Peach like Jessica Rabbit~!…
NatSilva Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's old....seen it years ago...many many many many many many many many many,,,,,many many many many many many many MANY years a go,,, C:
KissSh0t Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for reminding me how old we are Nat..
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